Manual Surf - Frequently asked questions

What are the Basic Manual Surf Terms and Conditions ?

  • Your site(s) DO load in 9 seconds or under
  • Your site(s) do NOT contain any pop up windows
  • Your site(s) do NOT contain any alert / exit alert message boxes
  • Your site(s) do NOT contain any hidden Iframes
  • Your site(s) do NOT contain inappropriate content
  • Your site(s) do NOT contain any CPM Ads
  • Your site(s) do NOT break out of the manual surf frame
  • Your site(s) do NOT contain personal images of children
  • Your account will become inactive if not used for 30 days
  • Your account may be Deleted if not used for 180 days
  • Your account will be Deleted if it causes our Manual Surf system any problems
  • You are NOT allowed to have more than one(1) Manual-Surf account

I Have Not Received My Manual Surf Account Activation email

    Manual-Surf account activation links are sent to the email address you supplied during the sing-up process. Without activating your Manual-Surf account you will not be able to make use of our web site traffic exchange.
  • We recommend members use Gmail when registering a new account to ensure you receive your account activation email.
  • We do not recommend using a throw away email account. Please make sure you are registering an account with an email that is checked regularly
  • Please check to make sure your account activation activation email did not accidentally find its way into your junk email folder.
  • Add to your trusted sender list.
  • Click here to Resend your account Activation Link.
  • Still having trouble? Contact Us

How Can I Earn Web site Traffic (credits) ?

    Their are many ways to earn website traffic here at Manual-Surf.
  • Bonus : When You first join you will receive 100 Bonus Manual Surf Credits.
  • Surf : Manual Surf and earn 0.5 credit for every page you view (2:1 Surf Ratio).
  • Prize : Earn bonus manual surf credits as you manual surf.
  • PTC : Make use of our paid to click and earn a up-to of 5 credits per click.
  • Video : Watch other members YouTube videos and earn manual surf credits.
  • Splash : Earn Credits for every 24 hour unique hit to your splash page links.
  • Refer : Refer a new member and you will receive 100 manual surf credits.
  • Points : Earn points and exchange them for manual surf credits.

Can I Earn Cash From Manual Surfing ?

Yes, we will pay you for your manual surfing efforts. It works like so, make sure you have added a web site to advertise and it has a status of either enabled or waiting. Then manual surf a minimum of 100 sites in a single session and click the displayed cash prize link to earn from $0.01 up-to $0.05. (Manual Surf cash prizes can be claimed unlimited times per day). Please Note, Members need to have added a web site to advertise before being allowed to surf to earn any cash prizes.
Paid To Click, We have our PTC system that will pay you for viewing other members PTC ads.
View Videos, We even pay you for watching members You Tube videos.
All members also have the opportunity to earn cash commission on any purchase made by any direct referral. Commission percentages are based on members account type (you will earn form 10% up-to 50% commission).
Members also receive $0.20 when your direct referrals manual surf their first 100 pages!.

How Do I Request Cash Out ?

Once you have earned the minimum needed to cash out you will be able to request your earnings to be paid to your payout address you have already entered via your account profile. The current minimum needed to cash out is $15.00. Only funds that were earned 30 days prior and over the before mentioned minimum will be made available for cash out (net30). Their is no account upgrade requirement to request cash-out. Member payments will be made via PayPal to the address you specified in your account profile.

Why Has My Web Site Been Suspended From Manual-Surf ?

    If You find that Your site has been suspended from Manual-Surf's surf rotation it is because,
    Your site was either reported by another Manual-Surf member and / or Manual-Surf's admin checked Your site and it was found to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions. Please read and make sure your sites follow the above basic terms and conditions for full site terms and conditions please click here.
  • Members who report sites that are found to be in violation of Manual-Surf's
    Terms and Conditions will receive 100 bonus manual surf credits.
  • Any Member found to be cheating the system and / or repeat site offenders may have their Manual-Surf account deleted with out further warning. Forfeiting any and all Manual-Surf Account Cash, Credits, Commissions, Points and Referrals associated with their Manual-Surf account.

What Are Points and how can I earn & use them?

Points are similar to credits, Points can be earned by clicking on the surf bar point prize image (when displayed) each point prize awards members with a random amount point(s). Members can also earn points in greater volume simply by completing offers.
Members can use their earned points to purchase credit packages, on-site banner ads, PTC Ads, Video View, Surf Start Page Spots and even upgrade their Manual-Surf account.

Why Are My Web Sites Not Recieving Traffic ?

Members need to allocate credits to enabled web sites in-order to receive traffic from our manual surf traffic exchange. Members can also auto assign credits earned from surfing. any auto assigned credits will be evenly distributed amongst your sites keeping them in surf rotation. If your site(s) has assigned credits is not waiting for approval and has not been paused, suspended please contact us for assistance.

Can I advertise Banners And Text Ads ?

Yes, however these need to be purchased either with account points that are earned via surfing or performing tasks. Or purchased via our on-site store at very affordable rates.

Still Looking For An Answer To Your Questions ?

If you feel that your question was not answered here please feel free to contact us a representative will address any questions or concerns you may have.
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