Earn Website Views

Manual surf to earn advertising credits. Free manual surf accounts use a 9 second manual surf timer and earn 1 credit for every 2 pages viewed.

7 Day Traffic Stats

As members manual surf for advertising credits we will track who and when your web sites recieve hits and provide you with 7 days of traffic statistics.

Earn Commissions

You have multiple ways to earn here, we will pay you to manual surf, view PTC ads, View YouTube Videos as well as being able to earn upto 50% commissions on downline purchases.

Cash & Credit Prize's

We run surf prizes with unlimited takes! as you manual surf for advertising credits you will be given the oppertunity to click surfbar links that offer cash and credit prizes.

Manual Surf Traffic Delivered To Members Sites Since 2016

Here at Manual Surf we use a 2:1 Manual Surf Ratio. For example, As you manual surf for advertising credits our manual surf traffic exchange system will show you web sites that belong to our members. You are required to view each of our members web sites for a minimum of 9 seconds. Once the surf timer has finished and you correctly click the right image the traffic exchange system will deposit 0.5 manual surf credits into your account. You manual surf 1 page = 0.5 advertising credits then in reverse 1 web site visitor = minus 1 credit. The manual surf system will then repeat the process of showing you members sites and depositing credits for as long as you want to surf. If you do not feel like surfing for credits We also offer PTC and more. Register Today!

Register Today To Claim 100 Bonus Manual Surf Credits

Free Manual Surf Credits

When you manual surf your first 25 sites we will deposit 100 free manual surf credits into your account.

Top Surfer Ad

Make it into the daily top 10 manual surfers and your top surfer ad will be shown across our site on pages like splash pages and in the members area.

Paid To Click

Earn upto $0.02 per click or a minimum of 3 credits per click. Members also earn on downline PTC earnings.

Video Views

Earn upto $0.02 per video view or a minimum of 3 credits per view. Members also earn on downline earnings.

Points System

Members can instantly upgrade and order onsite advertising by using points that they have earned.

Down line Builder

Our Down line Builder will ask / direct the members who you refer to sign up to the programs listed on the down line builder page using your referral info.

Promotional Material

We have promotional material such as banners and splash pages avaliable for your to use to gain referrals.

URL Rotator

Members can make use of our fantastic URL rotator. Our members URL rotators can hold an unlimited number of URL's.