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Registering your Manual-Surf account is easy, Simply fill out the form to the right and hit the Register My Account button. We will then send you an account confirmation email with an account activation link and account login info. To ensure you receive the account activation email we recommend members use a Gmail account when registering with Manual-Surf.

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If you have already registered but did not receive your account activation email. Please check you spam folder just in-case our activation email was accidently marked as junk email. If you have still can not find your activation email, contact us and we will assist you in getting you started.

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Free Account Benefits

All of our Free Manual-Surf member accounts benefit from the following:

  •   Fast 13 Second Manual Surf Timer.
  •   Surf & Earn 0.5 credits per page view.
  •   100 Manual Surf Credits On Sign-up
  •   100 Manual Surf Credits Per Referral.
  •   2 x Free onsite 468x60 banner ads.
  •   2 x Free text ads shown to all members.
  •   1000 Free banner ad impressions.
  •   1000 Free text ad impressions.
  •   100 Purchase Points On Account Sign-up
  •   Earn $0.01 For Every 501 pages viewed.
  •   Earn 10% Commission On Purchases.
  •   And A Lot More...